Celebrating the Child and Family Workforce:
Working Together For … A Better Future!

Collectively, the child and family sector is made up of extraordinary and compassionate professionals from across the spectrum of social work, social science, community development, education, communications, and many other disciplines.

While our roles and responsibilities may differ, one thing remains firm: our steadfast and unyielding dedication to improving the lives of younger generations and their support networks. We strive to help families navigate and overcome adversity and provide support for children to blossom and flourish on their chosen path.

Recent Public Discourse and Challenges

This year the spotlight has been on the child and family sector, but not in a positive way. There have been numerous media articles and reports highlighting the deficiencies and challenges facing the sector, and most importantly how this is affecting children and young people.

While we agree that robust discussion is needed to enact much-needed significant reform, we also recognise the immense hard work taking place and how difficult this one-sided public debate has impacted our committed workforce—YOU.

Your Commitment and Motivation

We know that it’s much more than just a job, and one that comes with little financial reward or recognition.

Deeply personal values and motives often underpin our drive to take on highly stressful roles that many others wouldn’t endure:

  • Social justice
  • A love of people and community
  • Desire to equalise and mitigate disadvantage, plus many more.

This work takes enormous grit and determination and your efforts haven’t been publicly acknowledged enough.

ACWA 2024. Photo by orlandosydney.com

Call To Action: Working Together For … Campaign

Our ACWA “Working Together For…” campaign is about strengthening our resolve, celebrating our passions, and reminding our neighbourhoods, communities and families why our work is essential.

We’re encouraging everyone to take a moment to reflect on why you chose to take on the huge responsibility of supporting children and families, so we can acknowledge what we know to be true: that you are all ‘champions’.

So, it’s time for you to be loud and proud and share with your network the passion that drives you.

How To Get Involved

Please ask your Marketing or Communications team for assistance if you do not have access to design software or Canva.
Alternatively, please contact mel@acwa.asn.au for assistance.

Step 1: Download our “Working Together For…” digital frame

Step 2: Write or type on a piece of paper what motivates you to do this work. Some suggestions are listed below.

Step 3: Take a photo holding up your sign.

Step 4: Using Canva or design software, upload the digital frame and your image. Overlay your image onto the frame.

Step 5: Upload across your social media profiles and please include the hashtags: #workingtogether4 #acwa2024

  • the kids
  • families
  • social_justice
  • my community
  • a better future
  • LOVE
  • giving_back
  • faith
  • kindness
  • hope

Alternatively, Why Not Film and Share a Short Video?

Here are some ideas of what you can mention:

  • Your name, organisation and how many years have you worked in the sector?
  • What motivates you to work in the sector, and why does it get you out of bed in the morning?
  • How can NGOs and the government collaborate better to improve care for kids and families?