What’s on Offer at CCWT?

CCWT is introducing the brand new workshop this September – Voice Your Choice – Supported Decision Making Training for Workers – aimed at upskilling and empowering caseworkers to help young people with disability transition from care. We are delighted to have CREATE Foundation on board to deliver this half-day course.

If on the other hand you are interested in learning about the realities of residential care work, consider joining Annette Posimani in her workshop Working with Young People Who Have Experienced Trauma. Other workshops CCWT has on offer this September include:

Collaborative Partnerships with Other Agencies
Date: 19 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Grace Leotta
Target Group: Workers and managers/coordinators

Learn what makes partnerships work and establish and sustain strong, working partnerships, and take away a set of practical tools to use in your partnerships.

Love and Loss: Grief from the Perspective of Attachment Theory
Date: 20 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Stefan Durlach
Target Group: Professionals working therapeutically with clients who are confronted with death and dying, and experiencing grief and loss issues, including social workers, psychologists, welfare workers, counsellors and psychotherapists (participants are expected to have some basic knowledge of grief and loss and attachment theory)

What do our early attachment experiences have to do with the way we grieve, and how can this knowledge inform our work with our clients who have experienced significant losses? Find out when we explore this question in didactic, practical, and interactive ways.

Webinar: Why are They Acting that Way? Responding to Difficult Behaviours
Date & Time: 20 September
Presenter: Gillian Brannigan
Target Group: Open

Sometimes we are confused, irritated or made uncomfortable by the behaviours of both clients and work colleagues. In this webinar we will think about why other people act the way they do, why we respond the way we do, and what we can do differently.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Date: 21, 22 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Monica Lamelas
Target Group: Anyone providing counselling, psychotherapeutic or casework services who wish to explore introductory ACT

This introductory workshop will provide participants with an overview of the six core processes of ACT and the skills to develop and strengthen psychological flexibility in their own lives and those of their clients.

Self Care for Workers
Date: 25 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Gillian Brannigan
Target Group: Open

Explore the impact of stress on the brain and develop strategies for dealing with stressful situations. Take some time out to nurture yourself and rejuvenate your energy levels.

Complex Trauma and Mental Health
Date: 27, 28 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Philip Hilder
Target Group: Experienced workers providing counselling services

Complex developmental trauma is the trauma of childhood neglect, physical and sexual assault, and exposure to family and community violence. This training explores mindful, strengths-based and creative counselling for transformation and recovery.

Legal Issues for NGO Providers in OOHC
Date: 27, 28 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Dominic Cudmore
Target Group: All OOHC professionals, including caseworkers and managers

This workshop introduces participants to key sections of the Children and Young Person’s (Care and Protection) Act 1998 as it applies in NSW. Participants will explore alternative options to long-term care orders, care plans, care orders, legal reporting obligations, alternative dispute resolution options and the Children’s Court in NSW.

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