Shared Lives 2017 is Ready to Roll

After eight months of development and piloting, ACWA is delighted to announce the new ‘Shared Lives’ carer training package is all set to go.

ACWA and FACS have worked together to revise the training package to create a new two-part structure that incorporates the latest research on understanding developmental trauma and repair parenting. It also includes a much stronger emphasis on carers developing positive working relationships with parents and families and the different permanency pathways for children.

The new package has undergone comprehensive trialling, involving pilots in 16 NGOs and three FACS districts.

‘Shared Lives’ is supported by CCWT training. There are two different training courses available to be able to access the new material:

Also – we can come to you! Having a trainer come and present to a group of staff can be very cost effective, so if you are interested please contact us for a quote.

If you have any other questions or queries please contact members of ACWA’s Carer Assessment Resources Team, Louise Mulroney or Jo Roach, on 02 9281 8822.

Photo: Jo Roach (ACWA), Lyn Walsh (Allambi Care), Louise Mulroney (ACWA) and Scott Handlin (Allambi Care) during one of the pilot sessions.