Online safety resources for carers and children & young people in care

ACWA is pleased to announce the completion of its national project – funded by an online safety grant from the eSafety Commissioner – to co-design and develop resources aimed at raising awareness of online safety among children and young people in care and their caregivers. The resources include a series of short videos for children and young people in out-of-home care, as well fact sheets and an online training course for caregivers. They are now available on the ACWA website, link below, and are ready for hosting, and distribution/sharing.

The direct involvement of children and carers in the content development and creative design process means the advice provided is both real and relevant. We are thankful to SNAICC, the national non-government peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children, for leading the development of the videos created for Aboriginal children and young people. ACWA is also grateful to the CREATE Foundation, its partner peaks across the country, and its member agencies for actively supporting this project and helping us to bring together a substantial number of children and young people and carers — more than 300 overall — to contribute to the co-design and development of the resources.

We would be grateful for your assistance in sharing and promoting these important resources to your carer networks and subscribers, and via social media.

If you would be interested in hosting the online course for carers on your agency’s LMS and/or intranet, please contact us directly and we can send you the appropriate file package. Similarly, if you would like to share these videos on your social media platforms, please contact us and we will send you the most appropriate versions of the videos for social media.

As part of the project, we are seeking feedback on the videos and the online course from children and young people in care, carers, and workers in the OOHC sector. Feedback helps us understand what works and what doesn't work for resources like this. We would be grateful for the inclusion of the below feedback link in your promotion of the resources to your member agency / worker / carer networks.

On behalf of the eSafety Commission and ACWA, we wish to thank you in advance for your support in sharing these resources.

Steve Kinmond OAM
Chief Executive Officer