NSW Response to the Royal Commission

The NSW Government has publicly announced its response to the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, accepting or accepting in principle the majority of the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

The response includes reforms to civil litigation laws, making institutions child safe and strengthening protections for mandatory reporters.

A small number of Royal Commission recommendations are ‘subject to further consideration’, which means that the NSW Government is taking time to further consult, consider regulatory impacts, funding requirements or legislative amendments required.

The government has advised it will continue to work closely with non-government and community organisations, religious institutions and other governments to implement the Royal Commission recommendations.

The Office of the Children’s Guardian will be consulting with child-related organisations across NSW, including sporting clubs, community groups and schools, to identify the best way to make organisations child safe in NSW.

The sector can expect the NSW Government to make further announcements about additional reforms.

NSW will publicly report on its progress each year, starting in December 2018.

Download the full NSW Government response here.