New Workshops at CCWT!

Join Mel Harrison from People with Disability Australia (PWD) in her NEW workshop Responding to Sexual Assault for People with Intellectual Disability. This workshop, to be held in Sydney on August 21, will provide professionals who work with people with disability with the information needed to respond appropriately to cases of sexual assault including information on legislation, services available, rights of persons with intellectual disability and ways to respond supportively.

Restricted Practices in OOHC, to be held in Sydney on August 22, is another new CCWT introduction. Facilitated by Simone Halse, participants will gain an understanding of restricted practices, legislative requirements, practical implications, processes, and learn how best to support and care for children and young people in out-of-home care. Vital learnings to be had for clinicians, case managers, senior managers, house managers and residential support staff.

Other CCWT workshops coming up in August include:

Beyond the Prison Gates
Date: 21 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Mandy Marsters
Target Group: Workers providing services/supports to clients, those who manage/supervise them and anyone interested in the criminal justice system

Develop specialist skills and knowledge about understanding the impacts of incarceration, offending risk factors and how to provide effective services to those transitioning from prison to community.

Personality Disorders: A Psychodynamic and Attachment Theory Perspective
Date: 22, 23 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Don Finnegan
Target Group: Experienced psychologists, social workers, counsellors and other clinicians working in a therapeutic role

This workshop takes an in-depth look at personality development and the aetiology of personality disorders. Participants are given a schema to understand how complex clients work and how best to approach their therapy.

Case Management Masterclass
Date: 22 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Grace Leotta
Target Group: Experienced caseworkers and case managers

Hone your case management skills, learn about contemporary approaches, best practice elements, and successful responses to complexity, and how to use them in your work.

Cultural Identity for Children and Young People from Migrant and Refugee Backgrounds in OOHC: Putting the Principle into Practice
Date: 23 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Janet Irvine and Ghassan Noujaim (Settlement Services International)
Target Group: OOHC case workers and managers

Supporting positive cultural identity for migrants and refugees in OOHC is easier said than done. This course aims to take participants past the basics of cultural exposure into more meaningful and practical ways to support a child’s development of positive cultural identity.

Growth Informed Groupwork Practice with Children and Young People who have Experienced Trauma
Date: 24 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Mary Jo McVeigh
Target Group: Professionals who work with children and young people in any therapeutic or casework capacity

Enhance your groupwork skills when working with children who have experienced trauma. The creative groupwork techniques you will learn and enjoy experimenting with in this course are based on the application of the theory and practice principles of growth informed groupwork and trauma enlightened intervention.

Supporting Independence and Resilience with Clients
Date: 25 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Kerry Lane
Target Group: Any worker providing direct support/services to clients

Do you work with people who are seemingly unwilling or unable to make decisions for themselves? Mobilise client strengths, networks and positive coping skills and be part of creating true self-determination.

Loss and Grief that Comes with the Transition into Aged Care and Dementia
Date: 25 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Beate Steller
Target Group: Professionals working with those people affected by the loss and grief associated with the transition into aged care and dementia such as counsellors, nurses, therapists, aged care specialist, carers, psychologists and other allied health professionals

Research confirms that older people find the transition into aged care challenging. This disenfranchised loss is addressed by providing proactive strategies that support older people (with and without dementia) through this transition.

Responding to Child Protection Allegations Against Employees
Date: 28 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: NSW Ombudsman
Target Group: Heads of agencies, investigators, managers or supervisors, who are responsible for responding to and/or investigating reportable child protection allegations or convictions against employees and staff involved in developing child protection policies, training and education

This workshop will equip you with the skills to respond to child protection allegations made against employees. The training provides an overview of employer’s obligations under the NSW Ombudsman Act. You will examine the steps involved in the investigation process, risk assessment and management.

Young People and Methamphetamine
Date: 28 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Suzie Hudson
Target Group: Alcohol and other drugs workers, youth workers and health care workers

The use of methamphetamines among young people can be challenging for frontline workers. Equip yourself with information and practical strategies for assisting young people and their support networks.

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