New Resource Helps Children and Young People in Care Capture Their Story of COVID-19

ACWA is excited to share a new resource with you which is aimed at helping children and young people in care capture their experience of the pandemic – an extraordinary period in their life story.

Life story work is an essential practice across the sector; it is an ongoing process, not a one off event, and can have profound benefits for children and families. We all share an important responsibility to support children and young people in care to have a meaningful understanding of their story to help them develop a strong sense of self, family, culture, community and their place in the world.

Developed by SSI in collaboration with My Forever Family NSW and ACWA – the Covid-19 and Me 2020 booklet is designed to complement life story work that is already being undertaken and lend support to the sector in this critical area of practice. The resource is being distributed throughout NSW and will also be made available to carers via the My Forever Family network.

This pandemic is a significant event in all of our lives and offers an opportunity for us to elevate our approach to life story work across the sector. The resource isn’t seeking to replace materials already being used but instead provides a ‘point in time’ addition, acknowledging that there may be some skill development and supports that need to sit alongside it to ensure that the process is a positive one for children and young people.

We recommend that caseworkers or carers who would like to use this booklet but lack confidence in their life story work skills, seek out training and advice from within their agency. If external support is needed, further advice and training in relation to life story work is available from SSI, ACWA and My Forever Family NSW at the contacts below:

• SSI: Zeina on 0421 134 244 / Ghassan on 0402 138 826 or via

• ACWA: Linda Watson on 02 9281 8822 or via

• My Forever Family NSW: Carer Support team on 1300 782 975

We would welcome your feedback about your use of the ‘Covid-19 and Me 2020’ booklet and will circulate a short survey at a later date.