NADA and CCWT collaboration fosters greater leadership skills across the AOD sector

Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (NADA) recently partnered with CCWT to provide leaders and managers from NADA member services the opportunity to undertake the nationally recognised Diploma of Leadership and Management.

The collaboration was born out of research that highlighted the correlation between having a capable and engaged workforce and better outcomes for people impacted by AOD.

A key finding suggested that organisational leaders have a great influence on workers’ satisfaction, professional growth and dedication, therefore workers who felt supported by managers ultimately performed better, which yielded more positive results for clients in general.

Four participants from NADA agencies including Community Restorative Centre, The Glen, Mission Australia and WHOS New Beginnings were successful in receiving scholarships offered by the Ministry of Health to complete the Diploma. Here are some insights of what they learn along the way.

David from CRC: I’ve really enjoyed exploring the importance of coaching in leadership and the different styles of coaching. Learning about staying curious, and asking the right questions, rather than providing people with the answers. Some of the skills are transferable from frontline work with clients, like motivational skills, especially Motivational Interviewing.

Aaron from The Glen: What I'm learning is already filtering through, particularly the emotional intelligence stuff. Many people have commented and said they've noticed I've slowed down and am thinking about things more. So, it's starting to play out already and affecting the team in a positive way.

Jenna from Mission Australia: I think it helped me, maybe as a leader, put a bit more focus on upskilling myself. When we become leaders, we become focused on developing our teams and training needs that they may have, and we leave ourselves to last. I think it reminded me about taking that time to work on your own skills. I've learned a lot of that over the years, but it was great being in a room full of other leaders from other organisations. You hear a lot of different perspectives, different lessons learned from them. So, learning the lessons of others.

Alexa from WHOS: It's important to understand all aspects of where you're working. So, if you are set on a leadership role, then perhaps take a sideways move so that you can get across that part. And put up your hand and say, ‘Well, I'll step into that role for a bit.’ And then get across how that works. So, you have a picture of how all the pieces fit together. The only other thing that I would suggest is to find a mentor. It doesn't need to be your direct line manager, but somebody in the service who you have seen work with people, and you like their approach or their leadership skills. Get advice, be open to feedback, open to reflecting on that and have accountability. You're going to make mistakes, we're only human.

CCWT’s RTO Manager, Kylie Casey, has been working with organisations who are keen to develop bespoke advancement opportunities for their staff through similar programs.

Reach out to Kylie to find out how your organisation can benefit from a CCWT training collaboration and have your staff achieve a nationally recognised qualification in leadership and management.