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IPART Review Update

What You Need to Know and Next Steps

Last Friday 9 March, ACWA sent a submission on behalf of its membership base to IPART in response to their call-out for feedback on their Terms of Reference (TOR) document, which will form the basis of their review into the costings and pricing associated with the current Out-of-home and Residential Care models.

Please read the entire document here outlining our joint recommendations.

Some of our suggested key additions and amendments include for IPART to:

  • Recognise the full suite of out-of-home services not just facilitating and administering the Permanency Support Program: from recruiting, training and retaining an appropriately skilled and trained workforce, delivering trauma-informed and quality care, to collecting and reporting on outcome data.
  • Consider the value-add provided by the not-for-profit sector—which has a long history of delivering not only out-of-home care, but a range of other essential related services across family preservation, early intervention and prevention, disability, and early childhood; alongside, the research, ongoing practice and policy development these NFP organisations undertake that benefit the wider community.
  • Assess the need for greater certainty of funding and flexibility which will allow accredited not-for-profit providers to explore a range of home and residential-based care options, that will facilitate a move away from the unacceptable over-reliance on high-cost Alternative Care Arrangements (ACAs).

Importantly, ACWA also highlighted that the TOR should recognise the distinction between ‘not-for-profit’ providers and ‘for-profit’ providers in the Out-of-home Care sector.

Next Steps:

ACWA is establishing an advisory group to work together on a collective response that will address the issues raised in the TOR and will be engaging an economist via a select tender process to work alongside financial and operational leaders from various member agencies.

At this stage, we’re planning on a gathering towards the end of April—dates will be sent around shortly.

Thank you to all members for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your contributions were extremely helpful and will assist us with our ongoing work to inform the IPART review.

We will continue to keep you updated about developments relating to our IPART work. ACWA has also offered to assist IPART with facilitating consultations with our members.

Please send any questions to the project lead at ACWA: