Harpers Legal

Number of lawyers: 4

Location: Newcastle and Hunter Region

At Harpers Legal we specialise primarily in the areas of Children’s Law (Care and Protection matters), Family Law (Children and Property matters) and Victims Compensation (for children in Out of Home Care). We are pleased to offer our specialist services to ACWA’s members.

We are very experienced with the process of bringing children into care, the legal requirements, the pressure on Department and NGO caseworkers, and the trauma to children and parents associated with doing so.

The solicitors of Harpers Legal have extensive first-hand experience in preparing matters for the Children’s Court, including drafting documents, attending upon clients, collecting and reviewing evidence, advising on the law and potential outcomes (including care plans, restoration, section 90 applications), issues related to the Child Protection Legislation Amendment 2014, issuing Subpoenas and reviewing Subpoenaed material.

We are experienced in both lodging and opposing section 90 applications to revoke or vary care orders, and can guide you through the newer concepts of guardianship and adoption orders as introduced by the Child Protection Legislation Amendment 2014. Our solicitors are currently on the Legal Aid and Community Services panels for Children’s Court Care matters. Our Principal Solicitor, Rebecca Harper, is an Accredited Children’s Law specialist, whilst two of our employed Solicitors have a background in the legal and casework divisions of the Community Services sector.

We regularly appear in NSW Specialist Children’s Courts at Broadmeadow and in other Children’s Court jurisdictions across the State. We are willing and able to travel to directly represent clients in both regional and geographically isolated locations. We are also able to appear before the Parramatta Children’s Court, which is the central Specialist Court for all Children’s Court matters.

As members of the Community Services audits panel, our solicitors regularly review the files of children and young people who have suffered abuse and trauma prior to, or in, out of home care. We have a proven track record of success in identifying claims for victims compensation, assessing potential liability of the State or other agencies, and preparing applications to Victims Services for monetary award.

Our team are proud to act with passion and compassion, to assist children address their multiple and complex legal needs from within the out of home, welfare sector.

Contact: Rebecca Harper, Principal Solicitor

Email: reception@harperslegal.com.au

Phone: 02 4967 1001

Web: http://www.harperslegal.com.au