Family Preservation Redesign Submission

ACWA thanks its members for their input to our submission on Redesigning Family Preservation in NSW. ACWA members provided extensive input through an online consultation forum with members of the ACWA Family Preservation Collaborative, and written input from agencies addressing key aspects of the redesign, raising points directly with ACWA. Members of the Family Preservation Collaborative Steering Committee also reviewed the draft paper. ACWA also drew on contemporary research about Family Preservation approaches in other Australian and international jurisdictions, and liaised with other peaks throughout the process.

ACWA advocates Family Preservation services play an essential role in improving the safety and well-being of children by enhancing parenting skills and family functioning, addressing complex factors that contribute to the risk of harm, building networks of support for families, and supporting children’s healthy development. In this submission we advocated the redesign of Family Preservation in NSW should be evidence led, with a strong focus on supporting families most in need and likely to benefit as early as possible, through flexible referral pathways, collaborative assessment and action planning, and flexibility to meet families needs and support lasting change. We also advocated for collaboration between DCJ and the peaks to develop a more detailed 'architecture' to support for the Family Preservation sector through the transition to Families Together, including supporting and developing the family preservation workforce.