Face to face training is making a comeback to CCWT!

Yes, it’s true. CCWT is on the verge of delivering our very first face to face training session since last year’s lockdown.

And we’re excited!

Lane Blume will be presenting, in-person, her popular Clear and Effective Writing workshop to a full house on April 27. We think it’s a pretty significant moment - and a cause for celebration - given the many hurdles overcome since the onset of COVID-19.

If you find yourself missing the joys of a classroom setting, CCWT has loads more face to face learning opportunities in store for you.

Why not try one of the following sessions for size?

May 12:           Art and Play Therapy with Children
May 13/14:      Unpacking the Complexity of Hoarding and Squalor
May 31:           Adolescent Risk Taking
June 8/9:         New Managers and Coordinators
June 15:          Working Therapeutically with Children and Young People
June 16:          Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Introduction
June 17:          Writing Case Notes and Documentation
June 18:          Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
June 21:          Trauma and Addictions
June 22/23:     Facilitating Emotionally Charged Groups

These workshops will be delivered from our Sydney-based training rooms, which are located at Level 3, 52-58 William Street, Wolloomooloo.

COVID safe protocols have been put into place, to ensure the safety of all.  In the event the current public health directions change, these workshops may need to revert to online at late notice.

So - what’s ahead for our online training program?

One of the key skills that CCWT and our team of talented trainers have mastered during lockdown is how to run highly interactive, engaging learning activities online. So, you can rest assured that CCWT will continue to deliver the great virtual learning experiences that you have come to expect.

Click here to see what courses we’ve got coming up.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 9281 8822 or ccwt@ccwt.edu.au. Or visit our website: www.acwa.asn.au/ccwt/