Contracting Frameworks and Systems: Important Information for FACS Funded Services

Following is an outline of important new resources that have been added to the funded contract management pages on the FACS website to assist service providers:

Funded contract management overview
The funded contract management overview is a comprehensive look at how funded contract management is positioned in relation to strategic government priorities and how it fits in with the commissioning process.

It also outlines the process for managing funded contracts and includes a detailed diagram (which can be printed out in A3 format) depicting the Funded Contract Management Framework’s objective, guiding principles, processes and expected outcomes. It contains useful information on FACS funded contracts and the processes for monitoring and supporting them.

The overview also presents the new FACS Funded Contract Management Charter, which addresses the relationship between FACS and service providers. It describes what service providers can expect of FACS and what FACS expects of service providers. 

Complaints and issues
A package of new resources about contracting complaints and issues has also been added to the FACS website. The resources include advice on:

There is a short video outlining these processes and a handy guide on who to contact if you want to make a complaint, an allegation of misconduct or a suggestion, or give a compliment.

For further information contact your contract manager or email: