CCWT Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations 1-day COORDINARE Workshop

Managing conflict and having difficult conversations is an inevitable part of life. We often approach these as a ‘problem’, but when handled well, conflict and difficult conversations can be healthy, constructive and positive. For example, they can allow us to communicate our thoughts, feelings and needs in a healthy way, strengthen relationships, and be a springboard for personal and/or professional growth. However, knowing the appropriate approach is a must.

This interactive 1-day workshop aims to help you to discover the best approach by building self-awareness, extending knowledge and practicing skills.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Trace their individual reactions to conflict
  • Explore and apply Cognitive Reframing skills
  • Examine their style under stress
  • Explore levels of conflict
  • Examine and critique a variety of response options for managing conflict
  • Identify and explore key communication skills
  • Examine and apply the key steps to having successful difficult conversations
  • Examine how to respond to inflammation
  • Develop assertiveness skills
  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Our Reactions to Conflict
  3. Circle of Concern verses Circle of Influence
  4. Your Style Under Stress
  5. Levels of Conflict
  6. Management Strategies for Dealing with Conflict
  7. Key Communication Skills
  8. How to Have Difficult Conversations
  9. Responding to Inflammation
  10. Assertiveness
  11. Practice Sessions
  12. Summary