Welcome to the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Is the Diploma for me?

This Diploma is perfect for those who work, or aim to work, as managers in community service organisations, however, it is transferable across different sectors. The qualification is also nationally recognised throughout Australia.

Why through CCWT?

All our material is tailored for the community sector. We are here to support you through this great journey. CCWT is the learning and development arm for the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies Limited (ACWA), which is an RTO and has this qualification on its scope of registration (ACWA _ RTO number 90494).

What skills and knowledge will I gain?

The BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management has a strong focus on building your leadership skills and abilities that can then be applied to your own workplace, teams and situations. It offers practical training to develop your initiative and judgment in planning, organising, implementing, and monitoring your own workload and the workload of others.

You will learn to use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet your organisation’s needs. You will also discover practical management skills to plan and design solutions to unpredictable problems and the ability to analyse information from a variety of sources.

How many units do I have to do to achieve my qualification?

There are twelve (12) units of competency needed to complete your BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management. Six (6) of these units are core units and must be undertaken and the remaining 6 units are electives. These units are available online in our Module Learning Pathway.

Who is the Module Learning Pathway designed for?

This is the perfect pathway for you if you aspire to be in a management/leadership role but have not yet had that opportunity or are new to one of these positions. It provides the essential strategies to assist you in your leadership journey.

What is the Module Learning Pathway?

CCWT uses a modularised approach to your online learning. Instead of undertaking the 12 units separately, we have designed Modules where similar units are bundled together while you only need to undertake the one assessment per module. All the 6 core units are covered in the Module Learning Pathway as well 3 elective units which work well together with a core unit. Some Modules contain only one unit. This is because they are either a large unit in themselves or don’t map well to other units. Each Module contains all the information you require to undertake the assessment.

To find out more about the Core Modules as well as your selection of Elective Modules, download our Application Pack.

What is online learning?

You will be able to access your Module directly on your computer and undertake your assessments in a writeable format. The learning is self-paced and you do not have to log in or attend facilitated workshops. All the material you require is within your nominated Module. If you feel you need more information or simple what to explore the topic further, consider attending a workshop related to your topic.

How long will it take for me to achieve the Diploma?

The length of time that you need to achieve the Diploma will depend on your time commitment. You will have a maximum of 24–months to finish your qualification, with the option to fast-track your studies.

What is the cost of the Module Learning Pathway?

Cost: $3495

How can I find out more on the Module Learning Pathway?

To find out more download our Application Pack or contact kylie@acwa.asn.au

What if I already have these skills? Can this be recognised? (RPL)

Yes. If you have over 2 years’ experience in a management/team leader/coordinator role, your currents skills and knowledge may match those required to gain the Diploma. If this is the case, you may wish to consider our group RPL workshop.

How can I find out more on the RPL Pathway?

Download the RPL Application Pack and the Self-Assessment Checklist or contact kylie@acwa.asn.au

Snapshot at the difference between the Module Learning and RPL Pathways

Module Learning

Recommended if you aspire to or are new to management

Self paced learning
Optional facilitated workshops for some units at an additional fee
Up to 24 months to complete

Cost: $3495

Download the Application Pack or contact kylie@acwa.asn.au for more information

Recognising Your Skills (RPL)

Recommended if you have Minimum 2 Years’ Experience in a Management/Team Leader/Coordinator Role

Group RPL workshop + assessments
Up to 12 months to complete

Cost: $2700

Download the RPL Application Pack and the Self-Assessment Checklist or contact kylie@acwa.asn.au for more information

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