Assessing for Permanency: Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool Now Available

ACWA’s Step by Step family continues to grow, with the release of our Parent Assessment Tool for use in Restoration Assessments following a nine month pilot program.

The Step by Step Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool has been informed by the Wilkins and Farmer (2015) Evidence-Informed Framework for Return Home Practice1, and consists of:

  • A Manual for Assessors
  • Assessment Records
  • Resources

The Manual for Assessors provides a detailed outline of the assessment activities to be undertaken with parents and significant others, including the initial pre-assessment and prior casework required to change a case plan goal to restoration.

The Assessment Records contain templates for analysing and documenting the information gathered in the assessment process, both for the change of case plan goal and the full assessment.

The Resources support the assessment process, and include cultural consultation guides, resources for parent education sessions, and tools for use with children.

The Step by Step Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool can be used to inform the Structured Decision Making (SDM) restoration risk assessments, and can work alongside other restoration support services.

Training on how to use this new assessment tool can undertaken with CCWT via the following two pathways:

If you have any questions about this exciting new tool, please contact Jo Roach:


Wilkins M. and Farmer E. (2015) Reunification: an evidence-informed framework for return home practice. London: NSPCC.


Photo: Jo Roach, CCWT Learning and Development Manager.