ACWA Awarded Funding to Develop Customised Online Safety Resources for the OOHC Sector

ACWA is pleased to announce that we have successfully secured a grant under the eSafety Commissioner’s Online Safety Grants Program - to the tune of $485K over the next two years - to design and deliver a suite of eSafety resources tailored to meet the unique needs, vulnerabilities and strengths of children and young people in out of home care.

You can read a copy of the eSafety Commissioner’s media release here.

Evidence demonstrates that due to their heightened vulnerability, children in care can be more susceptible to online safety risks. This grant will enable ACWA to work directly with children and young people in care, and their caregivers, to codesign high-quality eSafety resources that address their unique needs, vulnerabilities and strengths. The package will build understanding of the risks faced online by children in care, and help children, young people and carers develop skills to stay safe online.

The package will include resources for use by children and young people; resources for carers; resources for Aboriginal children and young people; and resources for Aboriginal carers.

Codesign will be an essential feature of the work, prioritising the voices and experiences of children and young people in out of home care across the country, and ensuring LGBTQIA+, CALD, disability and rural voices are included.

This work will be guided by an expert eSafety reference group, to ensure the resources meet best practice in online safety.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative, please contact Linda Watson: