Our Board

ACWA is governed by a Board made up of representatives of NSW child, youth and family service agencies and peak organisations. Board Members are elected by members at ACWA's Annual General Meeting and serve for three years.

The Board is responsible for guiding and monitoring ACWA's strategic direction and financial affairs on behalf of members and meets every six weeks.

The ACWA Board uses a range a resources to fulfil its governance responsibilities, as outlined in the ACWA Constitution.

ACWA Chair Nigel Lindsay

Nigel Lindsay Chair

ACWA Board Director Grainne O'Loughin

Grainne O'Loughin Deputy Chair

Photo of Ollie Parker

Ollie Parker Treasurer

ACWA Board Director Stephen Doley

Stephen Doley Director

ACWA Board Director Lisa Griffiths

Lisa Griffiths Director

ACWA Board Director Anita Le Lay

Anita Le Lay Director

ACWA Board Director Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller Director

Photo of Claire Robbs

Claire Robbs Director

ACWA Deputy Chair Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh Director