A game-changing week

A huge congratulations to SNAICC – National Voice for our Children CEO Catherine Liddle and the team, and the Coalition of Peaks, whose push for the introduction of a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Commissioner, finally came to fruition yesterday. SNAICC – National Voice for our Children and its many supporters spent years tirelessly advocating for the position, which will provide ‘evidence-based change to policies and systems to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children grow up safe, connected to their family and cultural identity.’ ACWA is so pleased this terrific initiative has been achieved.

We also congratulate the efforts of John Leha, CEO of AbSec and his team, following the establishment of the Ministerial Aboriginal Partnership (MAP), which held its inaugural meeting yesterday, on the 16th anniversary of National Sorry Day.

It was terrific to see John photographed standing with all of Cabinet – showing that it will require the dedication of the whole of government to change and enable ACCO’s to be in the driver’s seat giving direction and oversight.

AbSec and SNAICC – National Voice for our Children: two powerhouse organisations who are strongly committed to disrupting the status quo and enacting real change and reform. ACWA is proud to walk alongside them now and in the future.

Well done to all committed to ensuring brighter futures for First Nations children and families.