Fostering NSW


ACWA was proud to be the provider of the Fostering NSW Recruitment Project from 2012 till 2018. Fostering NSW was a partnership between the NSW Government and non-government foster care agencies to provide an information and referral service to potential foster carers on behalf of the sector. This was an ongoing, state-wide public awareness campaign designed to support the recruitment efforts of Out Of Home Care agencies by raising general awareness of foster care, encouraging people to “Open their Hearts,” “Be Part of an Amazing Journey” and find out more about becoming a foster carer by visiting the Fostering NSW website or calling the 1800 Enquiry Line. Over the life of the Project there were 550,000 hits to the website, 11,000 enquiries and just under 5000 referrals to local foster care Agencies.

ACWA also provided information, training and resources to support Agencies in their own recruitment activities as part of the Fostering NSW project.


ACWA is currently producing a whole of project report, which will cover the successes and learnings from across the nearly 6 years that ACWA was planning & executing this ground breaking project. The report will cover the advertising & media success and massive reach (much of it free) of the project, the Fostering NSW website, Foster Forum and the project’s innovative use of social media, as well as the value to the whole sector of Agencies coming together and working under a centralised brand to promote foster care to the general public.

It will be available on this page soon!