Number of lawyers: 3

Location: Newcastle

NLS Law has a team of skilled solicitors who are very experienced in their areas of law and strive to solve complex problems to deliver social justice. All members of the team have a fundamental belief in human rights and social justice.

Our Director Solicitor Neisha Shepherd is an Accredited Specialist in Children’s Law and on the Accredited Specialist Advisory committee for Children’s Law with the NSW Law Society.

We have provided advice and representation for OOHC NGO’s.

NLS Law offers a broad range of legal services to ACWA’s Members, including:

  • advice and representation for care and protection proceedings
  • advice in relation to allegations (against carers and/or NGO staff), associated investigations and processes including the right of carers to challenge their de-registration or rejection of registration as a carer in the NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal
  • advice in all aspects of Adoption law
  • advice and representation in Family Law where there are child protection concerns and the Family Law and the Care and Protection Act interact
  • advice and representation in the area of Criminal Law including allegations of abuse in care, obligations with respect to subpoenas and children’s criminal proceedings
  • advice in the area of Victims Compensation
  • Advice and representation in personal Injury matters in NSW where there are claims against the State or an NGO by a child or young person
  • Privacy and Information Law including Access to information, (FOI), breaches of privacy and publication restrictions.

NLS Law also provides advice and representation in all aspects of Migration law, as a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1464515).

NLS Law is able to provide legal services to regional areas.

Contact: Neisha Shepherd, Principal Solicitor


Phone: 02 4927 6315