Transition Governance

Regional Implementation Groups

Regional Implementation Groups (RIGs) were set up as the drivers behind the regional implementation of the transition reforms.  Initially developed around the seven FACS regions, these groups continue to be pivotal to OOHC transition. The RIGs have evolved to incorporate not only transition but also OOHC service improvement and sector capacity building. They continue to run across the state, with high levels of NGO and FACs participation.  The RIGs are tasked with developing local responses to local issues, and look to build collaboration within the sector and deliver the best outcomes for children and young people.

Ministerial Advisory Group

The Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) has been in operation since July 2011, when it was developed to agree on a plan for the transition of service provision in NSW to non-government organisations. 

The MAG is jointly chaired by the CEO of ACWA, Andrew McCallum, and the Secretary of Family and Community Services (FACS), Michael Coutts-Trotter.  The MAG has membership from ACWA, FACS and AbSec.

The MAG provides a state-wide Governance structure for the Transition Reforms currently underway in NSW. The MAG oversees the work of the Regional Implementation Groups through reporting mechanisms.

In early 2015 the MAG will undergo a review process, in which the future governance of the sector will look to incorporate the Safe Home for Life Reforms, and look at the Child Protection System as a whole. 

Child Protection System Taskforce

The Child Protection System Taskforce supersedes the Out of home care (OOHC) Taskforce, which was established in 2011 to lead the reform around transition. In April 2014, the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC), which had worked on a business case around Responding Together, finalised the allocation of $500 million over 4 years to FACS for implementation of what is now known as the Safe Home for Life Reform. From this, a more integrated taskforce was needed to look at the drivers of the OOHC population, looking at reducing the number of children requiring statutory child protection, and this was viewed as a broader scope than the former OOHC Taskforce. Thus, the Child Protection System Taskforce was established in June 2014. 

OOHC Transition Program Office

The Transition Program Office was established as a temporary program management office, for a period of up to two years, to coordinate transition implementation activities across the Regions and maintain a connection between the Regional Implementation Groups and the Ministerial Advisory Group.

The office was co-led by senior executive staff from AbSec, ACWA and Community Services between 2012-2014.