Redesigned Care Plan to Reinforce Importance of Cultural Identity and Connection to Family

Monday, March 13, 2017

To improve the consistency of care and cultural planning across NSW, the Care Plan template has been redesigned and now includes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Plan and the Multicultural Plan.

It is now mandatory to include these Cultural Plans with the Care Plan when FACS is seeking orders from the Children’s Court for children and young people from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and multicultural backgrounds.

The redesigned Care Plan and new Cultural Plans have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders from across the sector to ensure it meets the needs of all parties involved. It will facilitate how FACS engages with the child, family, community and our non-government partners to ensure we focus on the best outcome for the child.

To ensure Aboriginal children and young people stay connected to their family, culture, Country and grow up with a strong sense of cultural identity, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Plan must include a minimum of four consultations with the child’s Aboriginal family, kin and community. The Cultural Plan must also detail a minimum of four participation activities that allow the opportunity for the child to improve their connection with culture, community and family.

To support caseworkers with this important work, a new website has been developed with all the information, resources and tools related to Care and Cultural Planning, including a recorded version of the webinar training.

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