Using the Member Area

The ACWA Member Area is a unique part of the website designed for members to access additional resources and events and can be accessed by secure login.

Please take a moment to read the following guidelines relating to the use of the ACWA Member Area.

Breaching any of these guidelines will result in a user having their user status changed to ‘read only’.

Member Blog

We want the Member Blog to be a safe space, so please be tolerant and generous-spirited towards others' differing opinions and experiences.

We welcome all comments and questions on our blog. While this page isn't constantly monitored, we want to engage with all conversation threads and will aim to do so within a reasonable period of time.

Please always abide by the following guidelines:

  • Respect the views of others
  • Keep language clean
  • Trolling is not acceptable
  • Privacy and anonymity - please do not, under any circumstances, disclose anyone's personal details or contact information. Please do not specifically name any agency or caseworker.

Uploading Events and Resources

The Member Area is designed to serve as a platform for the sharing and promotion of events and resources that may be of value to the sector. We ask that all content that is posted be relevant and appropriate to that end. Any content that is deemed inappropriate will be removed.

User Accounts

The site allows each user to have their own individual login. Sharing of usernames and passwords is inadvisable. Members are expected to keep track of those who have access to the Members Area and ACWA is not responsible for the unauthorised editing of Member Profiles, Resources, Events or the Blog by users from member agencies.