Training and Development

One of the objectives of the Fostering NSW Recruitment and Retention of Foster Carers project is to support sector development through the provision of resources, training and opportunities for professional growth.

We do this through activities such as the following:

  • involvement in the programming and organization of Out-of-Home Care Practice Forums e.g. the Combined Metro OOHC Practice Forum held in Sydney in June 2015, and the Statewide OOHC Forum planned for 2016
  • development of training with CCWT, e.g. the following training planned for 2016 and integrated into the proposed Graduate Diploma in OOHC:
    • Guided Carer Development - ‘Coaching’ with Carers  (for frontline case workers)
    • Partners in Care – Carers and Caseworkers ‘Coaching’ with Children and Young People (for case workers and carers together)