Branding Style Guide

All Fostering NSW materials must adhere to the prescribed style guide which governs the use of fonts and the brand logo.

Download the style guide   

Please adhere to the Style Guide to ensure that the integrity of the brand is maintained. You can access the vector artworks from within the Style Guide by opening the file in Adobe Illustrator (or a similar vector editing program).

Incorporating the Fostering NSW Logo on your website

Please include one of the Fostering NSW logos on your website and link it to the Fostering NSW website: http://www.fosteringnsw.com.au. Your website designer/administrator will know how to edit and deploy the logo appropriately. If you require advice on how to do this, please contact ACWA on (02) 9281 8822. You can use the sample logos below or extract more suitable versions from the Style Guide as required. The logos below can be downloaded in both JPG and EPS formats: