Marketing Strategy

The Fostering NSW campaign is delivered impartially on behalf of the whole sector and utilises contemporary, innovative and evidence-based marketing strategies to:

  • Increase general public awareness about foster care and the different caring options now available;
  • Continue to build positive social norms around fostering;
  • Encourage people to find out more about becoming a carer by visiting the Fostering NSW website or calling the 1800 number;
  • Increase the number and quality of enquiries and applications across NSW;
  • Position Fostering NSW as the key trusted and accurate source of information on fostering and the range of care options in NSW.

The Marketing Strategy employs a number of complementary marketing and communications elements in order to achieve our key objectives.

These include the following:

  • Fostering NSW Website and 1800 Number
  • Social Media
  • PR / Media Communications
  • Community Outreach / Grassroots Campaigning
  • Regional and Out-of-Home-Care Agency Engagement
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising

Marketing activities will be rolled out over a sustained timeframe across all of these elements against a schedule of key events, and focussing on key target carer types that have been identified as priorities for the sector in the period April 2015 – June 2016. This includes immediate ‘crisis’ carers, Aboriginal carers, carers of older children and sibling groups, and foster carers who are willing to adopt a child from care.

The campaign has a strong focus on social, digital and online media reflecting the shift in how the general public accesses information and the increased importance of these channels for marketing. 

Fostering NSW Campaign - Social Media

Social media has played, and will continue to play a vital role in the success of the Fostering NSW campaign. The exponential growth in the use of social media by people of all ages, and from all walks of life over the last decade has provided a wonderful opportunity for organisations and campaigns to provide information and, more importantly, engage in conversation with their target audiences. We aim to share interesting and engaging content, as well as answering questions and providing information about fostering to interested individuals. This supports the campaign to build up a healthy following and momentum to continue to grow throughout the rest of the project. The use of social media in this way serves the project aims of informing the general public about what foster care is, the need for more foster carers, and to promote ‘good news’ stories around fostering to help change social norms around how fostering is viewed more broadly.

Fostering NSW

These platforms have been created to support the PR activity to raise public awareness about the campaign. We have a weekly plan of activity, which is comprised of regular posts and tweets. The Fostering NSW social media platforms target the general public and specifically some of our targeted groups, often at specific times in the calendar (e.g. Families week, Foster Care Week).


These existing platforms are used to engage with foster care agencies, and the sector more broadly. These channels also regularly signpost to updates on the micro site and provide general campaign updates.

How You Can Help

  • Like our Facebook page and the ACWA Facebook page
  • Follow Fostering NSW and ACWA on Twitter
  • Help to spread our message by sharing our Fostering NSW posts with your networks including your agency’s foster carers and encouraging others to like the Fostering NSW Facebook page.
  • Re-tweet our tweets and give us a @mention wherever possible along with not forgetting to use our hash tag - #FosteringNSW.
  • Inform us about any information sessions or events which you are holding so that we can also share these too.
  • Provide us with content for our social media platforms. Do you have a great carer that you would like us to showcase? Do you have a story that you want to share? Let us know!

ACWA appreciates your Agency’s support in building our social media audience and working with you in raising awareness of foster care.

Social media enquiries should be directed to:

Liz Potten - Foster Forum & Social Media
(02) 9281 8822​